Medicine Making Course

May 24-27 

We invite you to join us in a 4 day Herbal Intensive set in the beautiful and magical mountains of Southern Appalachia. While here, it is our hope that we may pass on the skills and knowledge of Appalachian medicine making using the resources found throughout these wild hills and hollers. In this intensive 4 day workshop we will spend our time together discussing the different forms of herbal medicine, how to make them, the history, the pros and cons of each, the dangers, the beauty….all while getting to know each other and, hopefully, a bit about the natural world that surrounds us.

Each morning you will join The Folk under the big tent nestled into poplar holler where you will have a delicious breakfast of quiche, pastries, fruit, coffee, and tea from The Folk Collaborative waiting on you. Lectures and learning will begin soon thereafter and will happen in the tent, around the fire, or throughout the property as we forage and enjoy plant identification either within the orchard just atop the hill or around the banks of Tumbling Creek. We will break for lunch provided by The Folk Collaborative (hot and savory handpies, wraps, sandwiches, salads, or beanbowls) and a bit of personal time before starting the afternoon portion of the workshop. As the sun begins to drop below the mountain, the rest of the evening is now yours to enjoy. Think about dinner at a local restaurant (just 3 miles away).
The first day, lunch and dinner will be provided and thereafter it will be breakfast and lunch. The workshop should finish around the time of a standard workday so everyone has ample time to travel home feeling relaxed, informed, and ready to take on the world.

This workshop normally occurs over a 5–6-month period where we meet one full weekend each month with projects in between, but I have found that a complete immersion into a subject has many benefits and allows you to be fully focused.

Here is a brief run down on the topics we will be covering;

Internal preparations:

consisting of teas, tinctures, vinegars, honeys, syrups, flower essences, powders, and capsules.

External preparations:

consisting of salves, ointments, poultices, compresses, oils, washes.

Essential Oils and InFused Herbal Medicine:

baths, oils, soaks, steams, creams, lotions, butters

Food as Medicine:

how the food we eat and what we drink have one of the largest impacts on our well being

Herbal First Aid:

Taking what we have learned and using it in real time, creating an herbal First Aid kit

This workshop is happening at such a beautiful time in Appalachia. Early summer is filled with countless flowers and plants for us to identify and enjoy. Early summer is also a wonderful time for bugs. And y’all, we are truly in the mountains. You will most likely encounter bugs that bite, sting, ticks, chiggers, and the occasional snake. They are a part of this amazing ecosystem. Dress accordingly, bring sprays, and if there are allergies, it is up to you to carry that EpiPen with you.

This once a year workshop has limited space to ensure a personal feel. This workshop tends to fill fairly quick with those who wish to expand their homesteading knowledge. This year, you will be able to use afterpay with Square should you wish to do a payment plan.

IF YOU HAVE ANY DIETARY RESTRICTIONS you must contact us to let us know just prior to booking.


Square afterpay can be used if you wish to make payments.

We look forward to hosting this intensive once again and meeting and working with each and every one of you.

• The Folk Collaborative does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, creed, or life motto. This intensive is an open and safe space for all who wish to attend. Different opinions are ok, being an ass is not. Should any problems arise from anyone not acting like a decent human being, that human will be asked and made to leave immediately with no refund. Just be kind. There’s enough crap out there.

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