How we got here

The Folk Collaborative is a family-owned business whose roots took hold some fifty odd years ago in a slightly different shape. Originally our orchard was started by our Uncle Joe when he planted a few apple trees in the soil. Being his best friend since their school days, my (Luke’s) daddy began working with Joe, grafting apple trees in the basement every Friday and Saturday after their work at the copper company. Before long, they had a full-fledged orchard on their hands and I had a playground that would not only entertain me, but also teach me a lifetime of lessons.

But, orchards mature, and so do the people who run them. Dad and Joe have both since retired, and for a short time, the apples and their trees took a rest. But one spring evening, Amanda and I were at the top of the orchard when it suddenly became as clear as the view of the mountains before us. This is what we are supposed to do.

We moved our apothecary and yoga businesses from downtown Blue Ridge to the orchard and made this our home. Over the years our businesses have evolved to what you experience today, but our commitment to carrying on family and Appalachian traditions remain. Here, the only crowd is around the pie case where Amanda makes those ol’ apple pies just like Mary Jo did or perhaps the small gathering of codgers who meet to sip coffee and tell the same fish tales they’ve told for decades. It’s what you picture within your soul when you think of an apple orchard and the life that goes with it – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet the folk



A Georgia native, Amanda found her way to Appalachia through marriage and fit right in with the old mountainfolk. An excellent cook and baker (have you seen our bakery?!), believer in the simple, and lover of waterfalls, she enjoys spending her free time playing in water, is eternally cold, and loves the smell of puppy breath, even though it smells like rancid skunk. Oh yeah, and she’s the business brains behind it all!



Luke’s love and knowledge of the plants that grow here began at a young age, when he would wild-harvest, explore, and make herbal medicinals with his grandparents in their little house nestled in the shadows of Frog Mountain. Part of the inaugural class at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, he’s been working with plants and their properties for over three decades. Luke loves teaching others about the flora of his beloved mountains and the history of the people who settled here. 



Born and raised in the hills and hollers of Appalachia, Isobella cut her teeth on the dirt back roads of the Cohutta Wilderness. An avid writer with the gift of ensnaring the senses with her words, she authors most of our social media posts and contributes to our blog. She’s also the creative mind behind most of our personal care products. When she’s not pitching in at Folk, she’s a student, writer, and bonafide plant mama.


“Red” a local from Hell’s Holler (oh yeah….it be a real place), ventured far and wide for several years with husband, Andy – the South meets South Asia, but the best journey was the one that brought them home. Easily distracted by Christmas, books and plants! So much so that the Christmas High Spirits playlist has been on since July and the truck’s “roadside emergency kit” is a shovel, bucket and gloves (not to hide a body) but for roots and shoots.
Red is probably the first face you’ll see as you come through the door most days. One of the finest souls we have ever met with the kindest heart. She is the true essence of Southern hospitality.


A South Florida native who found her forever home in southern Appalachia. Coming from a huge Italian family tells you she loves to laugh, tell stories, and eat. Her deep connection to nature led to a passion for herbalism, which she is currently studying. In her free time you can find Lyndsey reading outdoors, cooking up herbal potions, or having deep conversations with her chickens and goats.
Lindsey somehow slid in here at The Folk and fit right in from the get go. She personifies what the brand represents with her passion for the natural world and the pursuit of a simple yet extraordinary life. In her time with us we have realized that this human can do almost anything she sets her mind to…….except reach the top shelf.


Sydnie is a Fannin County local with roots running deep. Learning the southern way from her Great-grandmother (who has been dubbed as Precious by many) and her parents, Sydnie has grown to love gardening and canning her own vegetables. This girl can get wrapped into any conversation from the local history to the latest video game releases, but it never stays on the same topic for long. You can often find her watching anime on sunny days or going thrift shopping during the rainy ones.
At first glance, Sydnie may seem a bit quiet and reserved, but getting to know her, this human opens up and is one of the funniest people we have ever known. There are days our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. Unique in the coolest way imaginable, and creator of some of the best pickles we have ever tried. Sydnie spends most of her time here creating many of the delicious sweet goodies that come out of Mae’s kitchen.


Joe is kind of the reason that we’re all here. Putting his first apple trees in the ground over 50 years ago, Joe spent his adult life caring for these trees and selling an immeasurable number of apples….first from a carport, then a shed, then a barn, then the front porch of the apple house you see today. 50 years of working one on one with these trees, countless sleepless nights watching for frost. And like clockwork, during the months of pruning season, and again during the season of apples, Ole Joe can be found among those trees he nurtured for decades or driving the tractor and wagon for the folks who stop by. Always with a smile and always with a story to tell.


Every young boy and man has their heroes. To many it’s a superhero or an athlete, but for this country boy…’s his dad. That’s Papaw. A shining example of unconditional love and support. You’ll find papaw driving around on the tractor helping Ole Joe (best friends since school days) with anything in the orchard; irrigation, tractor rides, clean up, and any building project. Just like always, he’s there when needed without question. Life goal.
Let it be known that throughout my years, and all of the unique, crappy, and wonderful jobs I’ve had, being able to work side by side with my dad in a place that our roots run deep, and for his pride for us to shine like the sun, is one of the greatest feelings of my adult life.

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