Generations of mountain wisdom

I am proud of my mountain culture and I listened intently to those little ladies who showed me the magic within plants and how to prepare them. That heritage led me to studying plants, their properties, and their history for over 30 years – even becoming a certified master herbalist with a focus on Eastern and Appalachia flora. All the products at The Folk Collaborative are handmade, and created from ingredients that are foraged from these hills and hollers or are grown right here in our gardens. When you use our all-natural apothecary products you’re partaking in the traditions and knowledge passed down from generations of Appalachians – and that makes us happy. So, whether near or far, we’re always happy to deliver a little Appalachia to your door!

Folk Body Care
Apple Blossom Soap Bar
Mountain Medicinal
Infusions & Brews
Grandmaw's Garden Herbal Tea Blend
Smoking Blends
Herbal Smoking Blend
There’s something you need to know…

We are not doctors. This means that we do not diagnose, treat, cure or even make claims that the products listed on this site do either. These products are not approved by the FDA and if you hear us speak of old mountain medicines, it is simply referring to a point in history where the government didn’t have as much control and when people weren’t lawsuit happy. We simply walk amongst the trees, watch the signs in nature, speak to people, and spend time among the plants to gain a natural knowledge to assist those who seek.

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