Apple u-pick Times

The 2023 apple season has come to a close. As the trees sleep, The Folk begin their yearly maintainence throughout the orchard with pruning, planting, and general farm work. Therefore, the actual orchard is closed until springtime unless there is a special event that has been planned. We grow a large variety of apples here at The Folk Collaborative, and they all tend to move at their own pace. So, what’s available for u-pick depends on the time of year you come to visit. Here’s a general timeline to help you plan your trip, if you’re so inclined. PLEASE NOTE that farming doesnt run on your schedule and the below chart is simply a guide of “usually”. Of course, when you’re here we’ll be happy to tell you about all the characteristics of each apple that’s ripe for the pickin’.

Apple u-pick timing for each apple variety

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