Dedicated to our land

Since our inception, The Folk have lived a passion of offering fresh, local farm products to our ever-growing family and community. We partner with local farmers who we know on a personal level and continuously visit, not only for their amazing product, but for fellowship as well. In 2020, we introduced our Farm Boxes and y’all seemed to really enjoy what these boxes offered each week through the growing season. We find it to be a more cost efficient and low waste way of providing you all will the freshest products available. Imagine top quality produce, delicious baked goods, and local goodies all wrapped into a brown box of joy. Each week is a different random assortment of veggies that are in season and topped off with a goodie from one of our local purveyors. It could be honey, eggs, flowers, herbs, seeds, baked goods etc…

If you tend to disdain surprises fear not! For those signed up, we will send out an email with a guesstimate of what the weeks box may hold, but you can’t hold it against us if it changes. Mother nature is a fickle woman and we, along with our partners are at her mercy. We will also post a special recipe on our website with some advice on how to use some of the produce from your box if you find yourself stumped or hankering for something new.

Here are the details:

Farm Boxes run weekly through the month of September. 

Pickup will be on Thursdays from 10 am-5pm at The Folk Collaborative (2984 Mobile Rd). Remember to pick your boxes up. If you don’t pick up your box by 5pm we donate the box to a local family in need. 

There are no requests or substitutions. We find this an amazing way to try new foods and eat with the seasons. Don’t be scared vegetables are good for you. 

Finally, we need to let our farmers know ahead of time the quantity they will be harvesting. So plan accordingly and do not procrastinate. If you place your order this week, you will receive a box the following week. Deadline is Tuesdays by 5 pm. Follow the link below to sign up for your box… or if you’re super cool… boxes!

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